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Air-Lift mouth Wash Immediate Elimination Of Bad Breath

Air-Lift mouth Wash Elimination Of Bad Breath     £8

Air-Lift Mouth Wash Alcohol free gives immediate elimination of bad breath, it contains a bad breath inhibitor that elimates VSC (Volatile sulfur compounds) responsible for bad odour.This dental gum is effective against oral Halitosis and bad breath caused by foods,tobaco,alcohol,special diets and others,also has the potential to inhibit plaque formation and improve gingival health.Air-lift effectively fights bad breath in a natural way,There are also mouth spray, and mints,toothpaste in the Air-lift range. some are very hady to carry around with you.

For bad breath from the stomach,try air-lift capsules and feel their efficacy from inside,these really do work you will be amazed.All these items have been developed by leading dentist. !

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