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Air-Lift Capsules Elimination Of Bad Breath from inside

Air Lift Capsules 7g     £8.39

Air-Lift Capsules For The Immediate Elimination Of Bad Breath, Fresh Breath from The InsideAir-Lift Capsules contains a bad breath inhibitor that elimates VSC (Volatile sulfur compounds) responsible for bad odour.These capules can be effective against oral Halitosis and bad breath caused by foods,tobaco,alcohol,special diets and others,health.Air-lift effectively fights bad breath in a natural way, from inside out,especialy when you have had food with garlic,curries,spicey items any thing that can come back through your mouth,as well as your skin  works within 20 minutes,these really do workThere are also mouth wash,dental gum and toothpaste in the Air-lift range very hady to carry around with you.there are 40 per pack.

Ingredients,Extra Virgin olive oil,fish gelatin,glycerin,parsley oil, peppermint oil, water,chlorophyll oil, menthal oil

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