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Antiseptic Zinc Oxide Ointment     £5.99

Zinc oxide in 12oz / 56.7 g tube is a topical skin product that is used as a protective coating for mild skin irritations and abrasions. It can promote the healing of chapped skin and nappy rash. Zinc oxide works as a mild astringent and has some antiseptic properties.
Zinc oxide is commonly used to prevent or to treat nappy rash by forming a protective barrier between the skin and the nappy. Moderate concentrations (e.g., 15%) are usually used for prevention and maintenance of nappy rash. Higher concentrations (up to 40%) may have absorptive properties and are usually used for treatment of nappy rash
It can be used to treat minor skin irritations (eg, cuts, burns, and scrapes, poison ivy).
It works by providing a skin barrier to prevent and help heal skin irritation.
First, wash your hands. Then wash and dry the affected area, Apply a generous amount of medicine to completely cover the affected area. Wash your hands immediately after using zinc oxide cream. Zinc oxide cream is for external use only. Avoid getting zinc oxide cream in your mouth  eyes ,nose . Apply zinc oxide cream freely as often as needed with each diaper change, especially at bedtime.
This  cream can also be used For minor, no infected scrapes and burns, apply a thin layer of zinc oxide cream, using a bandage if necessary
Dynarex Zinc Oxide helps treat and prevent rashes and is also used to dry out any oozing caused by poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Dynarex Zinc Oxide is ideal for first aid kits and for home use.

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