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Barbers Shaving Bowl & Soap From Durance

Barbers Ceramic Shaving Bowl & Soap     £11.95

This smooth ceramic is cooked at high temperature, which confers its whiteness and its lightness. In the respect of the tradition, each piece, is worked and enamelled by hand. Each part is thus individual. Refined and practical, this handcraft ceramic from Durance brings an elegant decorative key to the bathroom, while being very useful.Of round form, the bowl was designed to measure, to receive the Shaving soap the òme. It is discreetly personalized Durance. Diameter 10 cm - Height 4 cm Bowl and shaving soap are protected by a case reproducing an old newspaper abounding in information.Scent the òme for a harmony of range: scent fresh of hesperidins, aromatic and timbered, with the notes of sea buckhorn. Bergamot, Armoise, Lemon-yellow Royal fern, Lavender basic. White sandal, Orange tree, cedar.

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