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Carbolic Soap     £1.10

Our Carbolic soap from Dot's Apothecary Shop has been used by many people over the years from amateur gardeners and the professionals to cleaners and larger cleaning companies, small bird enthusiasts, poultry keepers also a large number of farmers there are so many people who speak of the benefits of carbolic soap. One thing we are sure of if you have used carbolic soap before the distinctive smell will bring back memories. If you have never used it knows the time to try it. Carbolic soap used to be used all the time in hospitals, by doctors ,nurses, cleaning staff,Dentists and all other establishments where hygiene was considered important, hence it's widespread use.Carbolic soap used to be available in every hardware shop in every town and village in the country but now seems to be so hard to get hold of so we carry on selling it because of it popularity.

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