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Dr Denti Mouthwash Tablets MGS     £4.46

MGS Mouthwash tablets are manufactured under strictly controlled environmental conditions, rigorously quality tested and continually evaluated by dental surgeons. It is only after this procedure has GAP been able to bring this product to you. MGS Mouthwash tablets conform to all the relevent quality standards but, most importantly, your assurance of quality has our full and continued commitment.o give a perfect invigorating mouth refreshing wash at home for prophylaxis use, or as a mouth rinse during dental treatment.
MGS Mouthwash tablets can be used after all dental procedures to facilitate the cleaning of teeth and gums. The optimized tablet formula is especially recommended for:
  1. A mildly antiseptic mouth gargle and mouth rinse during and after dental treatment.
  2. The removal of debris and saliva from the oral cavity by the mouthwash's ability to reduce the surface tension, making it easier for the patient to be able to rinse thoroughly.
  3. Removal of blood and tooth debris from the operative site.
  4. Mouth refresher, giving the patient a sense of well being.
  5. MGS Mouthwash is non acidic, making it non irritant when used to irrigate open wounds caused as a result of dental treatmen
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