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Fairy Household Soap 60's Originals Rare     £25.99

The story of fairy soap !

The Procter & Gamble company (P&G) was founded in 1837 by an Englishman, William Procter and an Irishman, James Gamble.

It began as a small, family operated soap and candle company in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

In 1837, Thomas Hedley & Co. was established in Newcastle-upon-Tyne making soap and candles.

The company bought the rights to the word ‘Fairy’ and launched the first all-purpose soap in 1898. It remains one of the best-known household product names to this day.

In 1930, Procter & Gamble established its first overseas subsidiary with the acquisition of Thomas Hedley & Co. Ltd.

“ Fairy is one of the mildest household soap”

With a distinctive Fairy smell, Fairy Household Soap has been available for years. Information from 1960's packaging of Fairy Household Soap

"Use Fairy when cleaning all floors, lino, walls, paint work, tiles, plastic surfaces, woodwork in fact all washable hard surfaces. Use Fairy for your mid-week basin wash for nylon and cottons (socks, vests, shirts, underwear, baby clothes etc)"

Fairy Household Soap is now marketed as a Pre-Treatment Bar

for stubborn stains  

These Bars Are From The Late 50's early 60's and are now very rare and true collectables limited stock ! But Can Still Be used I do every Day

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