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Kershaws Traditional Laundry Starch 200g     £3.29

Now it seems that only spray starches are available to keep your napkins, table cloths, bed linen and shirts crisp and fresh. These are inferior to the traditional cold and hot water starches as they sit on top of the fabric, rather than completely saturating the individual fibres with starch.
You will find that the results with our starch are many times better than with spray starches. No matter how good the spray starch is, it will never be able to compete with the real thing.
Additionally, blended from 100% natural products and naturally occurring minerals, our starch is of a very high quality. It contains no animal products and has not been tested on animals.
There are other traditional laundry starches available but our research has shown that they contain less than half the active ingredients that ours contains - that means that the rest is composed of cheap fillers
Customers are always amazing us with odd uses for our starch.
Apart from the usual such as restaurants and B&Bs starching their table linen or bed linen, another of our customers has a regular order from which they make 'gunge' (Entertainments Department of Butlins).
One man is making hats for a theatrical production and uses Kershaw's starch for stiffening the peaks. This doesn't surprise us, as we supply the National Theatre and the Theatre Royal in Haymarket, as well as several film companies - spray starch just won't do for those period outfits!
We have had several orders from toastmasters (for their waistcoats) and also from bridal companies. Not only these, but a London judge has bought our starch, too.
It is even used by a well-known cosmetic company - although we don't know whether they use it in lipstick or powder.
We have provided starch to students of St Martin's College where they use it for sizing fabrics and we have also had orders from needlework colleges.
Kershaw's starch is currently used on the best linen on board two superyachts.
We also sell quite a lot to the Sikh community for their turban

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