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L'ome Durance

L'ome Selon Durance/Shower Gel & Eau De Toilette     £27.61

Durance combines fresh mint Eau de Toilette and Shower Gel in a pretty set, laced with a divinely aromatic and grassy fragrance,mint a plant with myriad secrets is said to have been discovered during the time when gods lived on Mount Olympus and used for immortalising the fragrance of ones beloved .The L'ome care line pays tribute to this cultural heritage,with its mint extract and bears a Provencal name meaning' MAN'.Durance has created an elegant gift box in pure soft colours for the pleasure of your eyes and senses This mint leaf fragrance leaves a classy unforgettable scent trailing in its wake.  Durance, the creation of Olivier Ruth and his wife Elisabeth. It is a company borne out of the couple’s love for the traditions, heritage and natural produce of their native Provence. Durance’s extensive line of luxury products for the body, bath and home is dedicated to the traditional techniques of extracting and blending the essential oils taken from Provence’s countryside. The result is a host of natural products, comprising ingredients and fragrances native to the French countryside

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