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 Doctor Rose Bath and Foot Salts

Salt Bath Gift Set With Eco Bag     £10.60

Three Dr Rose Salt Baths which include,Mustard Bath,Our famous bath preparation is the original and still the best. Made to a secret formula of special ingredients including essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, thyme, rosemary and terebinth and of course the finest mustard powder availalbe.Sea Weed Bath which Dr Rose says... "Contains extract of seaweed to tone, refresh and soften the skin. Seaweed is also rich in minerals and has been used for centuries to benefit the body, stimulate circulation and promote a feeling of well-being. These salts make a wonderful morning bath to start the day feeling refreshed and revitalised . Foot bath salts.Dr Rose says: "Relax with your feet in a bowl of warm water or a foot spa and allow the properties of pure essential oils to take effect. Lavender is reputed to ease tension while Peppermint has a cooling, deodorising effect. Tea Tree of course possesses powerful anti-bacterial properties. For maximum smoothness slough away rough skin on the soles and heels with pumice, dry and apply Tea Tree & Cypress Foot Cream. Your feet will emerge soft, soothed and grateful with essences of lavender,peppermint and pine,  Plus a draw string Eco Friendly Jute Bag to pop them all in.

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