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Shaving Set With Pewter Bowl,Soap,Razor & Brush     £68.39

A perfect accessory to your badger shaving brush, this pewter shaving bowl by Cyril R Salter, with its elegant, yet functional design is Made In Sheffield, will fit all common-sized shaving soaps. Features two holders for your shaving brush and razor, to keep your shaving gear safe and organized, while taking up minimum counter space. Inscription on bottom reads "Hand Crafted, Sheffield Mint, Made in England".

Diameter: 3 1/2" (8.5 cm)
Height: 3" (7 cm)
Made in Sheffield, England

You also have a Black Manin E quality Razor from Vulfix,replacement blades can be bought from any shop or super market,

Shaving Soap from the Old Original Shaving Company,

And A real QualityBlack Super Badger Shaving brush which is hand made by Vulfi

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