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Yotuel Nonsensitivity Whitening Classic Chewing Gum

Tooth Whitening Gum     £1.50

Yotuel Nonsensitivity Whitening Classic Chewing Gum

Handy to keep in your bag,pocket or in your car.Chew one or two gums whenever you cannot brush your teeth.
-Its content of Xylitol helps protect against tooth decay, fluoride and papain fights against caries almost as efficiently as the toothpaste.whitens without enzymes. Chew for ten minutes after meals,gives you a minty fresh breath when used any time of day. 
Contains No Sugar !

( To Complete the Yotuel Whitning Program use Yotuel Whitening dental Gum as above and Yoteul Whitening Mouth Wash without alcohol.For faster results use 7 hours kit,Yotuel Pen,Yotuel Stick, all sold in our shop

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