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Yotuel Alcohol Free Whitening mouth Wash 250 ML

Yotuel Alcohol Free Whitening mouth Wash 250 ML     £8.89

Yotuel Alcohol free Whitening Mouth wash 250 ml,refreshes the mouth and helps combat bacteria which causes plaque and dental carieswhilst promoting whiter teeth.Helps to whiten teeth and regenerate gums,use in conjuction with Yoteul Whitening toothpaste & whitening chewing gum,for whiter teeth and fresher mouth.

(Yotuel Whitning Program use Yotuel Whitening dental Gum and Yoteul Whitening Mouth Wash without alcohol.For faster results use 7 hours kit,Yotuel Pen,Yotuel Stick, all sold in our shop.   YOTUEL cares about your gums >> HEALTHY GUMS
Yotuel efficiently and gently cleans and whitens your teeth without detergent. Detergent is not necessary to clean your teeth and most of the Recurrent Aphthae Ulcers (RAU) are a consequence of the presence of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in toothpastes. If you suffer from ulcers in your mouth, try any of our toothpastes and send us an e-mail with your experience.

YOTUEL includes high quantities of Xylitol >> PLAQUE CONTROL
Xylitol is a natural compound manufactured from natural sources such as birch trees and other hardwoods.
Xylitol gives maximum protection against tooth decay. Even for the most susceptible mouths: children, smokers, reduced salivary flow rate …

YOTUEL contains the right Fluoride percentage >> LESS CARIES
The resistance of the enamel and dentine can be increased via regular exposure to fluoride provided it is 100% active as Yotuel guarantees.

YOTUEL includes potassium >>TO PROTECT AGAINST SENSITIVITY Potassium has been largely proved as an anti-sensitivity ingredient in toothpaste.

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