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Yotuel Classic Non-sensitivity Whitening System     £7.99

Yotuel Clasic whitens with active natural enzymes and Xyitol. The patented Yotuel system helps to reduce stains,plaque and tartar without abrasionscontains active Fluoride and Xylitol to fight tooth decay.  Best anti-caries action.It is detergent free to avoid oral problams like aphthous ulcers and is a non-foaming toothpaste. The Neutral ph does not harm the enamel

(Yotuel Whitning Program use Yotuel Whitening dental Gum and Yoteul Whitening Mouth Wash without alcohol.For faster results use 7 hours kit,Yotuel Pen,Yotuel Stick, all sold in our shop.   YOTUEL cares about your gums >> HEALTHY GUMS

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