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Dish Washing Detergent From Durance

Durance en Provence Dish Washing Detergent Mint     £9.95

Dish Washing Detergent Mint 25.36 fl oz/ 750ml

Drawing on the experiences of homemakers in Provence, Durance offers cleaning products that maintain your house with delicately scented care.Environmentally compliant, Durance Dish Washing Detergent is made up of over 95% ingredients of natural origin.For an ecological house, the Durance Dish Washing Detergent range now includes a new Ecocert-certified reference.

Created by our perfumers in Grasse, the fragrances available in our Home Care range are exclusively composed of essential oils that let the breezy fragrance of nature into your home

Durance en Provence

Situated in the heart of rural Provence amongst ancient truffle beds in the centre of oak woods teeming with fragrant lavender lies Durance, the creation of Olivier Ruth and his wife Elisabeth. It is a company borne out of the couple’s love for the traditions, heritage and natural produce of their native Provence. Durance’s extensive line of luxury products for the body, bath and home is dedicated to the traditional techniques of extracting and blending the essential oils taken from Provence’s countryside. The result is a host of natural products, comprising ingredients and fragrances native to the French countryside

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