All about our Dot's Apothecary Shop Est Since 1954

The original shop was opened in 1954 by our grand parents we decided to carry on the business as a tribute to our grand parents and our late Mum & Dad. They had every kind of remedy on hand whenever we had a cut hand, a bruised leg, bee stings sores of any description,tooth problems, they would just look in the shop or our first aid cabinet and bring  out something  to cure the problem, also , when we were children, we just loved to see our Grandad and our Dad shave what a skill !

We  thought we would  make up our own cabinet then found it very hard to find the same remedies and items out side of the shop. We realised that if we had this problem then so would many other people, so we decided to carry on with the business, trace these items and resell them  and include lots of other quality items.Our shop was reborn! We stock Old-world remedies with many ointments, mixtures and embrocations,and also those shaving items our Dad used.

Just the same as they were in our first aid cabinet at home ,these are made to original formulations. We also stock lots of gentlemen’s requisites, Gift Box sets for men and women, Perfumery, Beauty Products, old fashioned house hold products, soaps ,washing powders etc and much, much more.

We are sure you will find what you are looking for, and if not just contact us and we are sure we will be able to find the product for you.We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us. Please book mark our site for future reference.

Dots Apothecary Shop is part of the Wharf Cottage Preserve group of companies, managed by K J Clarkson who is the sales & marketing director.

In the group of companies are :

  Dot's Apothecary Shop,Wharf Cottage Preserves,Wharf Antiques

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