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Rose Petal Salve     £5

Our celebrated salve is now packaged in a beautiful new fully decorated ointment tin and remains our best-selling product. Useful for chapped lips, dry patches and rough skin, there seems to be no end to the uses of this magical little balm and you have used it for many and varied purposes including: to tame brows and condition and define lashes...on the lips of your celebrity clients...to protect the skin when tinting lashes in your salon...on your TV show...to soften cuticles on fingers & toes...to smooth elbows and knees...as a sheen over lipstick...as a lipgloss on its own...as an eye gloss on brow bones...mixed with shimmer powder to highlight cheek bones...to fix body glitter and sequins... Nominated for Beauty Magazine "Best Lip Product" 2006!!

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